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 Dedication of Infants

    Dedication of the baby is a tradition where the parents present the infant before the church and family to give thanks, and vow (dedicate) to bring up the baby in a good way. And the congregation loves a dedication service. Some denominations refer to it as Christening.

Jesus  chose to be  baptised in the River Jordan as an adult, so therefore we follow this doctrine of adults deciding to get baptised by immersion, and become a member of the church, with infants and children being dedicated–or christened as many call it.


   Today more than half of all marriages in England take place in the traditional setting of a  church and witnessed by the congregation. You're welcome to have your wedding here at Carters Lane whether or not you regularly go to our church or even previously married.

We recognise that getting married is a major event in your life and we would like to give you a good start.  Come to a Sunday morning family service and meet the minister afterwards to discuss Carters Lane Baptist Church as your wedding venue.

 Funeral Service

    A funeral service is used to mark the close of a person's life here on earth. Family and friends come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived, and commend the person into God's keeping.  It is traditionally also a time for families to gather and have a collective update.

The church hall adjacent provides a venue in which to gather before and after these services, with refreshments if requested.

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